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CTL-15 Tube mic

CTL-15 Tube mic

Description of the system

  The CTL-15 transformerless condenser tube mics with a high-voltage line-level unbalanced output are based on Neumann M7 & M8 capsules. The signal is transmitted to an RCA plug by a separate cable. The power cord is connected to the mics without a plug, thus ruling out the friction noise of the contacts.
  Sense of the system consists that if amplitude of a signal from mic will be increased up to a very high level (10-60 V) it comes practically possible to get rid of losse the low level signals in cable.
  In common microphone systems featuring a 15 mV/Pa average sensitivity, the magnitude of weak signal components under real-life conditions can be as low as 0.02-0,15 mV (level of -40 dB, i.e. /100 times, will be equal to 0,15 mV). At such small amplitudes (magnitudes) the possibility of keeping intact all shades and shapes of the waveform at the end of the cable is negligibly small.
  By contrast, the proposed high-voltage level system makes it possible to abandon the balancing, which is a source of additional signal distortions and colouring, and thus to keep intact every minor musical detail. Consequently, further pre-amplification is made unnecessary. The signal level is adjusted by a passive attenuator, i.e. by a discrete variable resistor, immediately close to the signal receiver.    
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  To make possible interfacing with a regular low-level balanced system, the passive attenuator can be supplemented with a balanced step-down transformer or, for better results, a tube transformerless buffer amplifier with 200 Ohm balanced output.    
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  The microphones are supplied from an external power unit, which is a thoroughly altered Neumann UN61 power supply. The 200 V anode voltage is stabilized.
The Package

  The package includes two CTL-15 microphones: one with cardioid and one with figure-of-eight fixed-diagramme capsules; a mic case; a power unit with a power cord; a passive unbalanced attenuator for level adjustment; and two hand-picked sound cords.
Warning: It.s a package deal! No component other than the tube transformerless buffer amplifier will be sold separately.
Peculiarities of Sounding

- The system assures an amazing depth, softness, naturalness, trasparency and reliefness, not achievable with use of standard balanced connection systems.
- A very large 10-40 V magnitude of the system.s output signal, against the conventional 5-20 mV balanced level, keeps the sounding of voice and instruments full, natural, and with all microdynamic details there.
- You simply did not ever imagine that a microphone can perform like that!

- The system has no match the world over as regards the true sounding it warrants.
- Its DPA (ex-B&K) high-voltage system is essentially a common phantom-balanced type featuring a higher 130 V level of the phantom supply.
Sometimes it's better to hear once.

  The sound performance of the Neumann CMV3 capsule can be appreciated listening to Ella Fitzgerald.s old recordings made with its help.
Available are CTL-15 studio recordings of various singers in different genres.
Demonstration can be easily organized, just write me.


  Audio: Aquarium - Two Trains (apple losseless, need QuickTime player)

  Video: Aquarium - Day of Joy (online flash video)
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Case with CTL-15 Mics

Case with CTL-15 Mics
Power Unit

Power Unit
Neumann Capsul

Neumann Capsul

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